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As part of the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Funding , the Conservation AI team held a 3-day workshop covering drone survey design and techniques. Our aim was to introduce our partners from Watergum Inc. and Noosa & District Land Care to the techniques and regulation of wildlife drone monitoring.

Experts from the QUT Research and Engineering Facility provided a thorough overview of drone operations for wildlife monitoring to the participants. The workshop included theoretical and practical components, where the participants were able to practise their drone skills and implement the learned techniques into action.

The workshop generated a lot of interest and, aside from the active participants, several observers were invited. This inaugural workshop has paved the way for future collaborations where we deliver high-level professional training in the use of drones and ecological survey design to our partners.

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Five ways AI is saving wildlife – from counting chimps to locating whales

There’s a strand of thinking, from sci-fi films to Stephen Hawking, that suggests artificial intelligence (AI) could spell doom for humans. But conservationists are increasingly turning to AI as an innovative tech solution […]

Koala Endangered Species Listing. Cosmos interview 15/2/22

The koala – Phascolarctos cinereus – has officially been listed as endangered in Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT. What does this mean, and what happens now? […]

Drone system monitors koala populations

A new university programme using drones and artificial intelligence to protect south-east Queensland’s endangered native animals could be soon available to conservation groups[…]

QUT scales up search for koalas with AI hub

QUT researchers will create an artificial intelligence hub for conservation to work with citizen science groups in scaling up efforts to accurately count koalas, and other endangered[…]

QUT researchers ramp up koala conservation efforts with AI hub

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have established an AI hub to expand the use of drones and infrared imaging as part of efforts to ramp up conversation[…]

Researchers use AI-enabled drones to protect the iconic koala

A number of researchers are leveraging a vast suite of technologies to assist with wildlife and land conservation efforts around the globe. This includes tracking bears in western Canada with […]

QUT AI to analyze drone footage of bushfire-surviving koalas

QUT researchers will apply their artificial intelligence (AI) system that uses drones and infrared imaging in a collaborative project to count Kangaroo Island’s surviving koala population after the recent  […]

Drones keep a close eye on Australia’s wildlife

Australia’s wildlife is under threat from disease and bushfires. But now drones and thermal imaging technology are being used to track their movements to help keep them safe.

New and improved Kangaroo Island koala count underway

This innovative technology will scan trees at night across unburnt patches and known koala locations, to count the species based on their body heat signature. Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Taskforce Chair Dr  […]

Protecting Koalas from Habitat Loss Using Drones

Koalas and their homes are in desperate need of protection. A fundamental part of managing any species is knowing how many there are and where they are located. Doing so efficiently plays a […]