Latest Updates

April 2022 Updates

• Infill revegetation works completed at Cooloothin Creek Reserve
• Data Portal completed and functional
• Dangerbridge revegetation progressing well with trees at about 2m
• Purchase of new equipment for Watergum

Drone Survey Training Workshop Held in November 2021

As part of the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Funding , the Conservation AI team held a 3-day workshop covering drone survey design and techniques. Our aim was to introduce our partners from Watergum Inc. and Noosa & District Land Care to the techniques and regulation of wildlife drone monitoring.

Experts from the QUT Research and Engineering Facility provided a thorough overview of drone operations for wildlife monitoring to the participants. The workshop included theoretical and practical components, where the participants were able to practise their drone skills and implement the learned techniques into action.

The workshop generated a lot of interest and, aside from the active participants, several observers were invited. This inaugural workshop has paved the way for future collaborations where we deliver high-level professional training in the use of drones and ecological survey design to our partners.

Establishing an AI Enabled Drone Monitoring Network for Wildlife

Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants Program
We are building a wildlife conservation network to monitor koalas and other animals in and adjacent to South East Queensland bushfire affected areas, using a powerful combination of drones and automated detection. We will develop the capacity of existing Landcare and other community groups to conduct drone surveys for wildlife detection, drawing on their local knowledge, skill and expertise to enable effective on-ground management for koalas and a range of other species in key areas. We will create an AI powered hub for remote, rapid analysis of the wildlife monitoring data that has been collected. QUT is lead organisation providing expertise in conservation ecology, drones, development of AI algorithms and the Data Portal, with and Noosa and District Landcare as essential on-ground partners.

February Update
Ngarang-Wal site on-ground monitoring completed. Successful reconciliation plan activity schedule. Koala scat surveys completed.
QUT Workshop completed by Watergum. Reconciliation project plan completed. Koala scat surveys completed.
Noosa and District Landcare
Dangerbridge Maintenance works continuing with good success. Field visit and site check held by funding bodies (Greenfleet and QTFN) 28th January with positive confirmation of successful planting and maintenance works.
Cooloothin Creek infill revegetation works
Species list finalised and plants propagated.
   • Field crew scheduled for 24th Feb and 10th of March for all trees to be planted.
   • Community Tree Plant scheduled for 12th March on site.
• Remote Operator training certificate and completed by Watergum and Noosa Landcare – RePL <25kg & Night Flight certification achieved by NDLG staff. Difficulties attracting new Kabi Kabi trainees as part of other projects linked to this one. 3 positions advertised twice with nil applications.
• Chief Pilot training course / CASA application completed – in train